Another Provision is the collaborative practice of researcher Dr. Hanna Baumann (UCL Institute for Global Prosperity) and artist Johann Arens. We are applying strategies of public art to highlight the need for increased food justice, imagine concrete alternative models and de-stigmatise public food services.

The collaboration is driven by the necessity to advocate for more food equality as well as social and sustainable food chains through the means of research, art and culture. We share a deep interest in communal food infrastructures and the implementation of ethical and low-waste food chains, as part of a political vision of Universal Public Services, free to all at the point of access.

This joint inter-disciplinary research examines food as part of an ‘urban metabolism’: a circulatory network that connects urban agriculture and food production to preparation and distribution, as well as redistribution of surplus food and the minimising of food waste. Another Provision is invested in discussing and promoting alternate food solutions across urban divisions of class and ethnicity.

'Food justice and communal infrastructures of care'
Publication, 2022